Physical Therapy Rehab

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Whether you've been in an accident or are recovering from surgery, physical therapy is the branch of medicine that works to restore your body to its original function. Largely, physical therapy is unconcerned with appearance, but is more dedicated to the proper functioning of muscle groups. Often, physical therapy is performed in combination with psychiatric therapy for patients who may have had their appearance change as a result of some accident.

The Process of Physical Therapy

Your first day of physical therapy will probably be your most uncomfortable. This is the day when the doctor will test your current strength levels, as well as examining the range of motion and utility of your joints. You will be prodded and maneuvered so that the doctor can get a complete picture of your ailments, and go about planning a course of treatment.

After that, you will be assigned a regular workout schedule. Most of the workouts will be done at the physical therapy center, under the supervision of a nurse or specialist. In addition, you may be given exercises to do on a regular basis--sometimes more than once daily--to hasten your recovery.

Every few weeks, you will have similar tests to your first day performed to determine your progress. If you are diligent about doing your exercises, you may be surprised at how quickly your body recovers. Swift progress is itself a good motivator, and getting a good start on physical therapy can be a good part of what it takes to pull you through.

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