Putting Training Aids

Written by Jared Vincenti
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While the basic golf swing is very difficult to master, it's not the only skill you need to acquire to be a successful golfer. A variation on the basic swing is putting. The basic difference between putting and a full swing is that putting intends to keep the golf ball on the ground. Usually, putting is only done on the green, when the ball is very close to the hole and just needs a delicate nudge to get in there.

Learning How to Put

After you've put all the time, energy, and money into learning a basic golf swing, you have to learn how to put. After all, it does you no good to get your ball to the green, if you can't get it in the hole once it's there. Thankfully, putting is much easier to master than a full swing, and generally takes minimal instruction.

Putting is done with a different club, called a putter. A putter has a shorter shaft than other clubs, and is meant to keep the ball on the ground. Thus, it is important to always make sure you have the right club for the shot you're making. A reliable caddy can usually take care of this for you.

Proper putting form requires very little body motion, in contrast to a full swing--which takes most of your torso and arms. Many people find they can improve their putting just by practicing on a putting green. However, other training aids can help your putting, too. Having proper form is the surest way to have the most control over your putt, and the surest way to sink your ball.

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