Rehab Software

Written by Jared Vincenti
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When recovering from an injury, whether sports-related or not, your top priority is to restore function so that your body works as if it had never been injured. Total recovery is not always possible, though, and many people live with lasting effects from their injuries. In these cases, rehabilitation and physical therapy are often huge aids in minimizing the injury's impact on your life.

By doing strengthening exercises and wearing proper supports, people with seriously injured limbs can start to recover function. While the original strength and range of motion may never be restored, but some functionality may be regained. Thus, many people are able to return to work after serious injuries, even if their body has been done damage that may never fully heal.

Rehab at Home

If you have suffered an injury that requires physical therapy or rehabilitation, you may be able to reduce the cost of your recovery by keeping on top of your own rehab. Once you have consulted with a professional about your course of recovery, you should ask how much of your rehab work can be done on your own. Once you have learned your exercises, many of them can be done at home.

You can supplement your own rehab with a motion analysis system, which allows you to examine the specifics of your body mechanics. The hardware and software for this kind of work may be costly, but can be well below the cost of physical therapy. In addition, you can rehabilitate on your own schedule if you have the convenience of working at home. You can get back to your life even faster if you don't have to schedule your weeks around therapy visits, and cut the cost and duration of physical therapy by keeping up on it on your own.

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