Tennis Training Aids

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Tennis is one of the most physically demanding sports, as it requires both perfect mechanics and long endurance. You have to be able to hit the ball with a proper swing, but you also have to be able to hit the ball on target, and aim it where your opponent cannot return your volley. In addition, you run the equivalent of about five miles in short sprints in an average game of tennis, and you need to keep your form as your body tires.

Mastering Tennis Form

The first important thing about tennis is that you need to be in shape. No matter how graceful your form, you need to be able to keep up with energetic opponents without losing your form. So before you even start tinkering with your swings, you should make sure that you can run several miles with relative comfort.

Once you are sure that your body is up to the challenge, you can start perfecting your form. The most basic tennis swings are overhand (a serve), forehand, and backhand. Each of these swings has a specific form, and needs to be a controlled motion so that you land the ball exactly where your opponent doesn't want it. Moreover, you need to make sure you still have this control when you are tired, because the play at the end of a match is often what decides the winner.

Hiring a tennis coach is often a good way to make sure your form is perfect. For many professionals, though, it is hard to find a coach that can properly critique their form. These people will often use motion analysis software, which allows them to record and playback their own motions, so they can examine their mechanics in detail.

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