Video Analysis Software

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Since the advent of digital video, video analysis has become an increasingly commonplace tool, with a variety of uses. While video analysis is most commonly used by police and security systems to review evidence, its uses extend beyond the obvious crime-fighting potential. One of the growing uses of video analysis has been in sports, where instant playback better enables us to understand the rapid motions made in sports.

Video Analysis in Sports

The first uses of video analysis in sports were slow motion replays that helped determine hard-to-call plays. This practice was most commonly used in baseball, where video analysis could be used to see if a runner reached a base before the ball did. However, this use was discontinued because it made the umpires rather useless, and faith was restored to the umpires to make proper calls.

Now, video analysis is used to help athletes gain a competitive edge in their practice. While drug use is on the rise in pro sports, many athletes are instead committing to a healthier path to improvement. By using video analysis, an athlete can look at his from and find ways to improve his body mechanics.

By finding the most efficient ways to move, an athlete accomplishes two things. First, he gains more strength and endurance, since none of his energy is being wasted on non-productive motions. In addition, wasted energy often contributes to long-term injuries, and more efficient motions result in less wear on muscles, bones, and joints.

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