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Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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There are few places other than the company's homepage to find accurate, updated BMSI info. BMSI is a New Hampshire-based company that specializes in providing software for specific government needs. They have been serving municipal governments and school systems for over 20 years.

In the years since 1982, BMSI has been providing schools and small government operations with software that is tailor-made to their needs. Many of the contributing developers of BMSI programs have experience as employees of municipal offices and schools, allowing them to lend to BMSI information that can be built into a successful product. BMSI currently provides software for everything from accounting and utility payments to Geographic Information System software.

Though much of their software is similar to database software in nature, there are other, broader functions included as well. For example, BMSI includes purchase orders and HR functions such as direct deposit with their accounting software, which provides users with tools that they need for comprehensive, consolidated budget organization. They also produce software designed to aid county clerks, which reduces processing time by function automation and eliminates paperwork and paper waste.

Obtaining Other BMSI Info

All of the programs that are produced by BMSI can operate in concert, and can be custom-installed for added flexibility. Training and other instructional BMSI information is available directly from the company; BMSI offers on-site training as well as Internet- and telephone-based support. Other support information is available via email at

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