Budget Preparation Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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In the last ten years, the number of budget preparation software programs that are designed for small business and office use has increased dramatically. Generally, those programs have also increased in functionality, but decreased in price and complexity. The resulting budget preparation software has the features and flexibility of once-expensive business programs, but can be run on off-the-shelf personal computing systems.

Though accounting software has been used in big businesses for well over 30 years, it has remained out of reach for many smaller businesses and government offices. Until the widespread use of the PC, it was simply too costly to install custom computers and programming to handle basic accounting tasks and aid budget preparation. Now, the Internet and client/server architecture allows a degree of control and flexibility unheard of in older systems.

Modern Budget Preparation Software

Currently, budget preparation software for many types of businesses is included as part of a larger accounting and fund management system. Many modern accounting software programs are not only comprehensive, but are also able to automate many functions. Users can opt to instantly generate reports, automatically process payments or revenue, and compare current financial position to budget estimates.

Many kinds of budget modules for accounting software support options such as audit trails and monthly allocation that can make organizing and itemizing a snap. Some programs offer the convenience of unlimited "what if?" scenarios, allowing planners to easily see the effects of quick hypotheses and possibilities. Other common features include budget validation alerts, mass updates, and support for the generation of new accounts.

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