Building Inspection Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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By using complete building inspection software, municipal government offices can track the condition of pending permits and organize information regarding the location and condition of buildings within the municipality. Older inspection and code enforcement software provided officers with a database of building information, but did little to facilitate complete record keeping. Current types of building inspection software can sort not only the officer's findings, but any other relevant information as well, including visual information.

As it was a significant improvement over paper organization, relational database software became popular with some building inspection offices years ago. As technology improves, however, the connectivity offered by the Internet has prompted many companies to make significant improvements in inspection software. Some varieties of current software offer remote data entry for field officers, or easy photo logging for enhanced record keeping.

Modern Building Inspection Software

Generally, current building inspection software also automates the production of reports, licenses, and permits. Most allows users the option of entering information such as the conditions under which the license was approved, or other activities surrounding granting the license. Some reports are automatically generated, and can include permit activity reports, Mylar status reports, and certificates of occupancy.

Modern building software also offers connectivity not found in older software. By installing both accounting software and building inspection software, users can automatically register fees and payments and log them in digital ledgers. This not only increases general office efficiency, but also cuts down on waste by requiring fee data to be entered only once.

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