Containment Pallets

Written by Yvette Dubel
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Containment pallets are unsung heroes of sorts. This is because they provide a vital solution to the challenges of handling, weighing and dumping drums from point A, the loading dock, to point B, the production floor. They are usually stainless steel drums, compactors and crushers, heaters, drum lifts, drum racks and pumps. Containment pallets keep hazardous material under control. In fact they are vital features in storage containment systems for hazardous material storage.

The Containment Spectrum

There are a number of types of containment pallets. Each design seems to address a certain kind of hazardous material. One example is a hard drum that can be loaded from the top or the side and features weatherproof design.

Small footprints are a desirable feature because they allows you to maximize storage space by eliminating hard-to-open gull-wing or swing-out doors. The doors can be locked. This type of containment is normally sold with poly-spill pallets, therefore providing both protection and containment.

Containment pallets are a huge part of eliminating devastating environmental contamination. Polyethylene construction, for instance, is 100 percent UV stabilized to be chemical resistant. The system keeps overflows and spills off the floor. It's the perfect solution for virgin chemical storage, in plant transfer/storage, satellite hazardous waste collection, drum pumping stations, etc. They are designed for easy forklift or pallet jack handling from any side. These features combined with easy maintenance make containment pallets a solution worth considering.

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