Custom Packaging Design

Written by Yvette Dubel
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Custom packaging design begins with understanding pallet layouts and product requirements. This extends far beyond the physical dimensions of the product, to include layer design, pinwheeling, and alternating for stability. Any packaging design software that you use should offer these options as well as standard layout tools.

Essential Custom Packaging Design

Each load should be maximized to full capacity--there should be no wasted space. Falling short of that expectation means reduced effectiveness as a department. Too often it also indicates wasted resources. However, there are often other needs that are equally important.

For example, stability is crucial. If a load is unbalanced, the products (and possibly customers and employees) are put at risk--which is certainly not efficient. A simple way to handle stability issues is to alternative layers. You may also need to mix pallets--in this case, packaging design software is a real help in speeding the process. Another bonus is the the chance for human error is significantly limited--the data must be entered correctly, but beyond that, a good program will be able to handle the rest.

Pinwheel patterns are another option that quality packaging design software should be able to handle. With a pinwheel pattern, the company logo on each box or package will face outward--this is ideal for displays. However, they can be quite difficult to arrange manually, making software a time-saving option for custom packaging design.

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