Geographic Management Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Geographic management software is often used by many different kinds of organizations to record, track, and maintain geographic resources. GIS (or Geographic Information Systems) can also be used to compile demographic information and produce relevant reports. Most geographic management software can handle many types of data, and locate it all in an easy-to-use, accurate geographic context.

One primary function of GIS software for many municipal governments and even school systems is to develop and maintain clear zoning regulations. Many software manufacturers allow customers the option of customizing the software around building codes and forms, meeting even the most specialized needs of many government offices. Many GIS software programs can track different zoning and planning processes, as well as handle the application and granting of various kinds of permits.

Good geographic management software should also allow users the option of customizing or automatically generating status reports and permits reports. For reports such as violations of affidavits, the software may include image file functionality, allowing for the storage and display of a variety of file types. Commonly supported formats include PDF, JPEG, AutoCAD, or MapObjects.

Increasing the Functionality of Geographic Management Software

By linking GIS software with accounting or other budget-management software, many municipal governments have greatly simplified applications and fee processing. Activity reports can be automatically generated once a fee has been paid, and the report can be posted to the appropriate office or user. Other information regarding parcels, such as current licenses, permits or those pending, is available for one-touch access.

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