Human Resources Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Generally, most sizable businesses use some kind of human resources software to aid them in managing their employee information and payroll. Modern HR software can automate functions that were once painstakingly processed by hand, and can help HR departments in a variety of ways. Some smaller offices, like municipal government offices, may use human resources software though they have no real HR department; the software can organize both local resources and remote state resources as well, creating a comprehensive employee information database.

Large businesses have used HR software applications since the 1960s. Though they were the predecessors to modern HR programs, the older software lacked many of the important functions of today's programs. For example, today's programs allow even small offices to connect their HR database with payroll functions from the accounting program, issuing paychecks, direct deposit advices, and automatically relieving the appropriate funds from any specified account.

Modern Human Resources Software

Today's human resources software can also track detailed information regarding each employee. The employee's benefits, certifications, education, and job skills can all be listed and cataloged. Some software allows for the added functionality of automatically generated reminders for upcoming events, such as license renewal or certification expiration.

Many modern HR programs can automatically produce a number of different reports, including Leave Detail Reports, Budget Reports, and Contract Preparation Reports. Some can also help users develop and print contract forms, and make budget predictions based on wage forecasts. For many current versions of these products, users can take advantage of client/server architecture to access or update the information from remote locations, different offices, or even access data from home.

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