Packaging Design Ideas

Written by Yvette Dubel
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Packaging design engineers consider and address all things that concern product packaging. Beyond the obvious visual elements of label color and design, other issues also help define the ideal packaging for a product. Product size, fragility, stackability and resilience each play a role in the ideal package design.

Getting Started with Packaging Design Ideas

Packaging design ideas need to be highly practical. Creating pallets and shipments is similar to a game of Tetrus, where you need all the pieces to fit. Quality software incorporates algorithms to design the ideal layout for packages in order to optimize space.

If you are working with something larger than pallets, say shipping containers for instance, proper planning is even more important. You want to create a layout before placing any items so that you exactly where everything is throughout the shipping process. If a container is slated to make a few stops to unload or take on more cargo, a container map created using packaging design software can help insure that every primary package ends up exactly where it should be. The kind of logistics required to create customized and accurate packaging plans is more than any one person can handle alone. Adopting a competent software package streamlines the entire process and affords a level of accuracy that other efforts cannot rival.

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Filters and Spare Parts for CIJ Inkjet Printers


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Huax TECH's Products
Huax TECH's main business embrace spare parts,supplies,and accessories of all the world-class big brand inkjet printer.
1. Domino
Domino parts,including all parts of A series,most of the parts for A+series except mainboard and some of the parts for Macrojet big character printer.
2. Videojet
Parts for Videojet,including most of the parts for type 43,46 and Willet 3150,as well as Linx filter,pump head,motor,display,etc.
3. Imaje
Imaje parts,including main parts for S4,S8 and 90 series.
4. The others

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