Packaging Supplies

Written by Yvette Dubel
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Packaging supplies are only useful if you know how to best use them. Additionally, you need to ensure that you are using the right supplies for the job. For instance, if the primary packaging is fragile, you cannot wrap it too tightly or stack parcels in a manner that could damage the bottom layers of the shipment.

Packaging Supplies Go High Tech

Did you know that there are software packages designed to make package planning and design a simple process? Instead of stacking and restacking a pallet over and over in order to fit one more unit, why not work from a schematic that graphically communicates the best arrangement? In fact, the latest software can even give you 360° views so that you can see how each unit fits from every angle.

Not every person can translate what they see into a plan of action, and that's okay. Some software even breaks down the pallet or container plan into steps so that you know where to place each item and in what order. This allows you to maximize the capacity of each container without damaging items or losing track of the placement of any primary package.

The investment you make in design software may be a costly line item on your list of packaging supplies, but it is one that continues to earn its keep with each order you fill. It takes the often frustrating tasks of pallet layout and carton design and streamlines them into simple exercises. You simply input the relevant information and the software creates the optimal plans for every situation.

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Filters and Spare Parts for CIJ Inkjet Printers


Brief Introduction about Huax TECH
Huax Technology Co.,Ltd. is specialized in Industrial Inkjet Printer.Huax Tech has a well trained technical team,all of whom are professional engineers.Through years of great teamwork,our products and services are much warmly welcomed by the domestic market,especially in Food,Beverage,Pharmaceutical,Cosmetics,Wire and Cable industry,etc.While in the oversea market,we are also deeply supported by our customers,more and more new customers are willing to cooperate with us now.

Huax TECH's Products
Huax TECH's main business embrace spare parts,supplies,and accessories of all the world-class big brand inkjet printer.
1. Domino
Domino parts,including all parts of A series,most of the parts for A+series except mainboard and some of the parts for Macrojet big character printer.
2. Videojet
Parts for Videojet,including most of the parts for type 43,46 and Willet 3150,as well as Linx filter,pump head,motor,display,etc.
3. Imaje
Imaje parts,including main parts for S4,S8 and 90 series.
4. The others

Your best choice-Huax TECH
With customer demand-oriented market strategy adhering to the business philosophy of "high quality,innovation,special for each customer,long term win-win cooperation",we are here warmly welcome you to be together with us.

Huax Technology Co.,Ltd.