Pallet Design

Written by Yvette Dubel
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Pallet design brings up a host of considerations. Chief among them is your knowledge of the wood pallet industry. Important considerations for the industry regard improving the customization options, durability and strength of the final product.

Stepping Out With Pallet Design

Some vendors offer software that streamlines customization, while making use of recycling initiatives targeting standard pallets. The information gathered for making accurate decisions about the numerous variables is extremely beneficial in analyzing the design options.

In cases where reusability is a priority, this means being informed about the ways in which pallet design can extend support. For instance, someone experienced in pallet design as a key part of environmental sustainability initiatives would know where the intersecting points are in pallet design and pallet fence building. There is no substitute for devoting the time and professional know-how required to determine the specific pallet a customer requires and how design can encourage reuse.

Pallet manufacturers and pallet designers are capitalizing on the tremendous market demand for customized pallets, including designs from remanufactured pallets. Customers seeking to enhance their pallet design and environmental sustainability initiatives may be surprised by what good, software-assisted designs can yield in terms of product transport and storage platforms.

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