Permitting Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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With the proper permitting software, municipal government offices can greatly increase their efficiency. By being able to track permits and permit requests easily and quickly, office staff are able to process requests, violations, other reports with a degree of simplicity that is unmatched by manual work. Many modern permitting software programs also allow offices to store images, maps, and even CAD drawings along with pending permit requests and catalogs.

Until recently, this type of automation for many small government functions and school systems wasn't economically feasible. Until the invention of the personal computer as a business tool in the mid-1970s, only large businesses and sizable government departments used computers. With the growth of information services and the development of highly-specialized software for many different functions, however, municipal governments and other small offices are finally able to keep pace with the increasing demands of developers and the increasing complexity of information processing.

Modern Permitting Software

Permits can now be tracked by customized GIS software. GIS, or Geographic Information Systems, programs organize many types of demographic and resource information in a geographic context. Town governments can track land developments, zoning regulations, process permit applications and violations, and sort any other kind of land management information available.

Some permitting software can also be connected to other municipal government functions. By including image documents, PDFs, or other visual aids, as well, offices can create complete photographic histories of land use or permit violations. Multiple departments may have access to the software, allowing instant inter-departmental communication and data sharing.

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