Shipping Pallets

Written by Yvette Dubel
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Let's begin by ensuring you understand just what a pallet is. The sturdy, transportable, low level stands used for holding goods together as a single component, commonly held together by an exterior protective wrapping are known as pallets. Therefore a shipping pallet is designed for a single one-way trip with a severely limited life cycle.

Breaking Down Shipping Pallets

The materials from which a pallet is constructed can have quite a range. The most commonly thought of are wooden shipping pallets. They offer unmatched advantages in that they are the only ones that are reusable on several fronts. This makes them an extremely cost effective choice.

Plastic shipping pallets are uniform in size and weight. They also present significant reusability potential. Most are actually constructed from recycled materials. Increasingly they are being designed with recycling and repairability in mind.

Metal pallets, however, are generally constructed from aluminum, stainless steel, or lightweight steel. They are welded, galvanized or painted. One of the advantages of metal shipping pallets is their extended life expectancy.

Finally there are composites, which are typically built from uncontaminated, select wood waste. These pallets are completely recyclable. In the end, your shipping pallet decision will be determined by your specific product needs.

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