Tax Management Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Tax management software for municipal governments is very different from tax management software for businesses and personal use. The functions are geared towards the creation and management of tax programs, instead of being useful for interpreting tax information and logging taxable income and expenditures. In some cases, municipal tax management programs are compatible with other programs for municipal government use, allowing offices to build a complete software suite.

Some manufacturers offer tax software that can aid a municipal government office in the creation of whole tax bills. Users can customize the program to account for a variety of other information, including regulation and zoning information. In some cases, users can also combine tax management software with utility billing software to automate many municipal government functions.

The Development of Tax Management Software

Until recently, many small government offices may not have been able to afford high-powered tax management software. When PC's hit the market in the mid-1970s, financial planning software for small businesses and specialized needs was still in it's infancy, and may have been too expensive for many municipal offices. Moreover, many programs were too simple to provide the kind of comprehensive support that is truly useful.

Since the mid-1980s, however, software has been steadily maturing, and many developers now produce programs that are powerful, highly customizable organizational tools. Many such programs use client/ server architecture and the aid of the Internet to increase inter-departmental connectivity. Most of the software is compatible with GIS programs so that offices can build geographically based understanding of regulations, permits, and other important citywide information.

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