Turnkey Packaging Software

Written by Yvette Dubel
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Today, many users of industry applications are more interested in turnkey packaging software. Unwilling to give up specific functionality, they want a solution that gives the feel of turning the process over to a third party. Rather than developing in-house solutions, companies are seeking turnkey packaging software that streamlines the packaging process.

The Motivation Behind Turnkey Solutions

Among the attractive benefits of turnkey packaging software is the ability to easily share information across departments or teams. The right software can also expedite packaging times and keep costs in-line with budgetary expectations. Streamlining and easing the palletization process can even cut down on the total number of shipping runs required.

It should be emphasized that clear and accurate graphical views are a crucial part of any turnkey packaging software product. All parties need to have access to the packaging concept, and from multiple angles as well. If you're shopping around for turnkey packaging software, be sure that the interface is clear and easy to read. Pallet loads should also be viewable from any angle, and individual layers should visible if necessary.

You may want to go with a product that offers a trial version. With a trial, you can test the software and see if it can be integrated into your processes. Be aware, though, that it can take a while to get comfortable using packaging software--don't write a program off simply because it's "different" from the old way.

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