Zoning Software

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Recently, advancements in zoning software have enabled municipal governments to build reliable, complete databases of building information. By centralizing data, they can also improve access to the data, increasing efficiency and reducing processing times. Zoning software also helps offices produce comprehensive records, and search them easily by any parameter or aspect desired.

One of the most convenient uses of zoning software is to issue and track permits. Many kinds of software can produce health permits, septic permits, building and occupancy permits, and permit reports. Likewise, violation notices, summary reports, and activity reports are easily generated and instantly cataloged for convenient access in the future.

With some kinds of software, officers can also input photos, CAD drawings, or other images into the database as well, allowing truly comprehensive information organization and storage. Complete systems can display a number of popular image formats, including MapObjects, BMPs, PDFs, and Word documents. Image organization functionality is especially important for generating conditions reports and affidavits that can be a part of the zoning process.

Zoning Software Compatibility

Some manufacturers' zoning software is built to be compatible with other related GIS and related programs, such as utility billing software and accounting programs. By customizing the system to your office's needs, manufacturers provide flexibility that many small municipalities require, and allow many different departments to directly access information. Doing so can also speed up payments processes and permit applications dispensation.

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