Builder Software

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Builder software is a great gift for the would-be weekend warrior in your life. I don't mean to sound sexist, but there are plenty of us gals with fellas who believe that because they have testosterone, they are immediately gifted with any manner of tools. Ah, a boy can dream.

Like Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, and Cliff Huxtable, there are a lot of guys out there that figure they can "build those kitchen cabinets as well as the other guy." Several thousands of dollars later, after 187 trips to the Home Depot, and sometimes even the emergency room, wives quietly pick up the phone and call either the local contractor they were originally referred to, or the local divorce attorney.

Builder Software: Keeping Your Marriage Happy

Builder software helps to avoid these scenarios. Builder software appeals to the independent spirit in your own Tool Man, and simultaneously gives him real information (and, yes, step by step tutelage) to ensure that he's got a fighting chance to actually create something of beauty. And thanks to precise cutlists that are automatically generated, one trip to the lumber store, with the right pieces, in the right number, cut to the right specifications, helps keep home projects within original budgets.

Plus, builder software literally "illustrates" the various stages of construction with highly detailed, easy to understand pictures. I am not being patronizing: it's been scientifically proven repeatedly that men are visually oriented. It's us girls that are happy to read and carefully follow a list of written instructions. But guys tend to toss the written words aside and concentrate on how the thing should look. This is the greatest advantage of contemporary builder software: highly detailed three-dimensional images, with shading and color, which clearly indicate every step of the construction process.

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