Cabinet Making Tools

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Cabinet making tools, at their most basic, include hammer, nails, screwdrivers and wood. But the most vital tool for cabinet making is not found at the local hardware store. It may, however, be found at your local software outlet.

Creating Necessary Objects: A Lost Art

The best hard materials in the world won't automatically make someone capable to utilize them and build something of beauty. Skill comes from knowledge. Our great-grandparents may have learned from the knee up how to build a birdhouse, then a tree house, then their own house, but today knowledge like that isn't part of the growing-up process.

Subjects and skills that people used to take for granted are now considered some kind of esoteric knowledge. Being able to bake a perfect apple pie, for instance, sew a child's holiday pageant costume, or build a simple cherry wood bookcase are projects that are now "farmed out" to professionals. Technology first made us "free" of having to do for ourselves; technology has now come full circle, and now can "enable" us to do for ourselves.

Software packages specific to construction teach anyone who can read and follow instructions how to build their own cabinets and other pieces of furniture for the home. Building necessary objects for oneself is satisfying in multiple ways: financially, aesthetically, and often emotionally. Through simple instructions and clear 2D and 3D illustrations presented in a step by step format, software programs can give ordinary people the cabinet making tools they need most: confidence and capability.

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