Cabinet Programs

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Most woodworking professionals are now using some kind of cabinet program. The majority of those in the industry never thought that a software program could ever replace the simple power of the drawn line on white paper. However, considering all the benefits, both in terms of time and money and ultimately client satisfaction, the majority of even the most old-school professional carpenters are using some kind of carpentry software, even if only on a limited basis.

Many professionals find that one unexpected benefit is the ability to more easily acquiesce to client changes. Previously, some professionals would actually try to talk clients out of design changes--even before execution--because it took so much time to change the design manually. Now with the process much more streamlined, and changes expedited with a click of the mouse, making changes to a cabinet design can take seconds, rather than hours.

There are other multiple benefits to cabinet programs from a professional perspective. Easier layouts, and clean, multi-dimensional shop drawings are just a couple. Plus, the automatic generation of cutlists makes materials ordering and client estimates much more precise.

Professional Advantages, Customer Satisfaction

All these professional benefits end up being advantageous to the customer as well. Having the ability to make design changes, and receiving in advance precise cost estimates makes the experience much less stressful from a client perspective. As a result, professional utilization of cabinet programs and other computer aided design software can actually improve the contractor/client relationship, which can result in better word of mouth and a more successful business reputation in the long run.

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