Cabinet Software

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Many people who hire professional carpenters to update the look of their kitchens aren't fully sure how they want their new cabinets to look. They rely on the professional to supply them with an appealing design. But many clients can't visualize the final product in even the finest of line drawings.

Back before cabinet software, clients were often surprised by the final product. Regardless of the artistry of the drawn image, many customers found their perceptions of what the cabinets would look like were different from the final product. As a result, one of two unsatisfactory scenarios would often happen: either costly revisions were made; or, the customer, rather than paying extra, settled for a product that was different from what they'd expected.

Either of the above scenarios could mean a bad experience for a client, and affect future business for the professional. Episodes like these were frustrating for the carpenter as well, of course. Contractors often felt they were being blamed for the client's lack of imagination.

Cabinet Software: Helping the Client See Every Angle

Computer aided design cabinet software can make misperceptions like these a thing of the past. Most cabinet software packages have highly detailed 2D, or better yet, 3D representations. These allow the customer to completely "observe" and give final, informed approval of the design, down to the wood, grain visibility, even joinery methods and hardware--all before the automatic cutlist is even generated.

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