Construction Estimating Software

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Construction estimating software provides benefits more than the sum of its parts. By creating accurate estimates, customer satisfaction is increased, which leads to a broader customer base. Plus, accurate estimates, which include not just materials, but also labor and other factors, ensure that profit margins are protected, which are the foundation of any successful business.

Estimating Software: Features

One of the ways that estimation software works is by plugging in the costs of materials as they're purchased. In the event that a specific product-cost increases, that change in price is made system wide. This builds an effective, accurate database of materials costs, which can automatically generate effective accurate pricelists.

Managing and estimating labor costs are another feature of some construction estimating software. As you enter labor hours, that single entry is used for job costs, billing and payroll. Underestimating man hours is the number one way that experts claim most carpentry shops undercut their own profits.

Construction estimating software protects the interests of both the client and the contractor. Experts say that the traditional pricing methods don't accurately reflect the actual costs of most jobs. On the other hand, construction estimating software programs take into account not only material costs and labor, but also material waste and overhead. By using construction estimating software, builders ensure that their own business needs are met, as well as those of the valued client.

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