Construction Estimating Tools

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Construction estimating tools take into account individual materials costs, labor costs, overhead, and costs incurred from material waste. Trying to keep track of all these various aspects of the construction business has for generations kept contractors off-the-site and behind the calculator. Construction estimating software makes those days history.

Modern construction estimating software works via databases, and complex algebraic and other mathematical formulas. By inputting information once, comprehensive and accurate databases are created. These databases, which work together, generate complete job estimates in seconds rather than hours.

Further, these databases, once created, in time make generating estimates even faster. This can be invaluable when rushing to meet a looming bid submission deadline. A comprehensive, accurate database can make sure a stretched-too-thin shop owner doesn't overlook critical estimation details.

Finding the Right Constructions Estimating Software

When searching for the right construction estimating software for your business, look for features that include not only time and materials costs, but also overhead and losses from potential material waste. Look also for programs that aren't limited to only certain platforms. And finally, since software is constantly evolving, look for software developed by companies that offer free upgrades when technology improves.

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