Construction Software

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Construction software can act as your own expert construction tutor. Construction software gives helpful advice and points out ways to avoid mistakes. It provides information beneficial not only to professionals, but also to handy do-it-yourselfer types.

Construction Software: The Great Leveler

In the days before construction software, detailed projects required the involvement of costly professionals. Instructions, when they were available, were often hard to follow. Drawings could be hard to decipher. Many talented, but not overly confident do-it-yourselfers felt intimidated and so hired out professionals to do even simple jobs.

Today, construction software packages are complete with clear, computer generated images in highly detailed two-, and even three-dimensions. Cleanly presented images make mistakes in joinery much harder to make. They also make clear what the piece should like like from every angle, at every step of construction.

The "tutor" aspect of these programs comes in both with their clean, easy to understand images, and also in their step-by-step instruction at every stage of execution. Each step often has checklists for the builder to confirm before moving to the next stage. Through clear pictures, and progressive instruction, any person who can read and follow instructions, and who has basic carpentry skills, can design and execute their own home construction projects.

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