Cut Lists

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Cut lists can make or break carpentry jobs. Accurate cut lists reflect every individual piece a carpenter needs to do the job. Inaccurate cut lists translate into loss of time, loss of money, and can lead to multiple professional and personal frustrations.

Accurate Cut Lists Are Vital for the Success of the Job

Accuracy in cut lists is vitally important for the professional woodworker. Arriving to a commercial job with the wrong number of individual pieces of cabinetry, or worse, the wrong dimensions, can lead to missed deadlines and loss of face with customers. Every cent of money spent on unnecessary lumber takes away from profit, and hurts business reputation.

For weekend warrior types trying to install their own custom cabinetry, cut lists that are dead on in terms of number of pieces and exact specifications are necessary. Inaccurate cut lists for non-professionals is frustrating and potentially confusing. Further, they can make any money saved seem overly hard-earned. No one wants to make repeated runs to the lumber mill to get additional pieces, and deal with the annoyance of wasted money, lumber and time.

Fortunately, computer aided design software packages designed for home carpentry and cabinetry typically feature accurate cut list features. Cut lists that show every piece of lumber required, with perfect measurements, are automatically generated based on the most recently saved design. In other words, one may add or subtract any design element, and the cut list will automatically update to reflect the current design.

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