Design Software

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Design software is just fun. One doesn't need to be a professional woodworker or even a talented do-it-yourselfer to take advantage of design software. Design software allows anybody to design their own furniture.

Many people are in the market for new furniture. But despite all the stores out there, many find they can't identify the exact right piece. Design software lets people without any construction experience design their own perfect bed, perfect bookcase, or even perfect broom closet. Few things could possible be more romantic than designing one's own marriage bed, family dining table, or nursery furniture. And for do-it-yourselfers with actual cabinetry or construction experience, many quality design software packages include step-by-step illustrations that clearly demonstrate how to build your own unique piece.

Custom Designed Furniture Can Be More Affordable than Mass-Produced

But one doesn't have to know a single thing about building in order to enjoy the design aspect of design software. For woodworking "dummies," design software lets people design their own custom furniture-and then, utilizing the detailed materials lists automatically generated, the designer can determine if their piece is affordable. Many furniture and cabinet makers cost much less if they do not have to spend valuable, costly time designing the pieces they are contracted to build.

Many professionals charge even less if the customer agrees to personally supply all the needed materials. Thanks to do-it-yourself lumber yards in nearly every major city, materials costs can be very competitive. And the software generated cutlists make costly mistakes in terms of quantity and measurement virtually nonexistent.

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