Design Your Own Cabinets

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Cabinet CAD software allows everybody the option of designing their own cabinets. Professionals have been using CAD software for years, but until recently prices were so high that no one but very successful commercial shop owners could afford the software. As prices continue to become more reasonable, more and more "regular folks" are using CAD software to design all sorts of custom furnishings.

Cabinet CAD software allows professionals to design custom cabinets for clients, and talented do-it-yourselfers to design and build their own cabinets. But good construction software also allows "woodworking idiots" to save money they'd otherwise pay a designer to devise an attractive, functional design. This is often the very best use for cabinet design software, because nobody knows what the customer wants better than the customer herself.

No One Knows Your Kitchen Needs Better Than You

Customers know their kitchens, with all their nooks and crannies. Chances are they've thumbed through every home decorating magazine on the planet, and can easily identify the features that would make the most of their own kitchen space. Cabinet building software lets the person who uses the kitchen design the kitchen. The software then gives the customer/designer clearly imaged final design plans to take to a professional, in order to make their dreams a reality.

One of the coolest features of cabinet design-, and other furniture design software packages, is that they let you "recreate" on screen what your current kitchen looks like, down to flooring, wall colors, window and door placement, and even ceiling height. These "virtual kitchens" can contain your stove, refrigerator and sink--and if needed, you can move these pieces of furniture around with a simple click of a button. You can design your own cabinets within that template, and easily see what shapes, sizes, dimensions--even colors and hardware--would be most attractive and functional. And thanks to automatically generated materials lists, you can get a really good idea of how much your dream kitchen would cost.

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