Furniture Software

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Furniture software is one of the most popular computer aided design software packages available. Furniture software comes complete with an extensive "library" of furniture pieces and embellishment details that represent nearly every design option possible. Some software even allows customers to design their own details and incorporate them into the furniture piece.

Thanks to three dimensional views, one can get a full, complete, informed perception of the piece of furniture designed--from every angle. Colors for upholstery can be customized, as can wood stains, and even wood types. Hardware for drawer pulls and other features can also be included. And best of all, clearly itemized cut lists will be generated, reflecting every individual material piece required to make your chair, bed, or table a reality.

After your masterpiece is designed, you can create on-screen replicas of the existing rooms in your home, including color of the walls, and even flooring types. Enter the dimensions of the other pieces of furniture in the room, and you can easily see how well your new piece will fit in, or, if you should make further design adjustments. Plus, you can "move" the furniture around onscreen, find the perfect placement for each piece, and never risk throwing out your back.

Furniture Software: Not Just For Professional Furniture Makers

Furniture software packages like these are popular, of course, with professional furniture makers, and with ambitious do-it-yourselfers. But they're also a great idea for people that know exactly what they want, but can't build it themselves. These people are often the most enthusiastic buyers of furniture software. They can design their perfect bed without feeling like they're not communicating their wants clearly, and take as much or as little time as they please to perfect "their" piece. Then they may take the printed out 3D design sheets and itemized complete cutlist to their favorite carpenter, and pay only for the materials and execution of the piece.

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