Job Estimating Software

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Job estimating software quickly and accurately calculates material costs for small and large construction jobs. Software like this is handy not only for the professional contractor. It can quickly let a family of do-it-yourselfers know if they can afford that little "facelift" the kitchen deserves.

Job Estimating Software Eliminates Costly Surprises

Job estimating software works by receiving input based on design and desired materials. Users first design the project. An automatic cut list is generated. Prices per item can be input, and a full estimate for the job, in terms of materials, is produced within seconds.

This is a great tool for homeowners, or do-it-yourself builders on a budget. It can be very frustrating to think that a desired home improvement, be it kitchen cabinets, or a new built-in bookcase, will cost less than it ultimately does. Job estimating software calculates every individual piece, from framing to finish, letting people know up front what any home construction project will cost.

This allows builders and woodworkers to be fully informed, and therefore make informed decisions. For instance, if a project is outside the boundaries of the budget in walnut, costs can be recalculated in seconds with the replacement of pine, or unfinished oak. Formulas like these let do-it-yourselfers build custom pieces without breaking the bank.

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