Written by Sierra Rein
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For those who have never heard of AcroPlot before, here is a little information to get you associated with this program. For many people, it is an easy way to convert many AutoCAD drawings into a PDF file, suitable for viewing on almost every computer worldwide. It can also convert Word documents into one PDF file, essentially creating batch files.

AcroPlot also includes a PDF printer driver, removing the need for a program like Adobe Distiller. It can also include bookmarks, add a title page, and create a formatted email capable of sending the PDF to your client. There are many output options to select to, and one can select very specific renderings and drawings to print.

So, What's Wrong With Acroplot?

The downside to Acroplot is that, though it can work without an AutoCAD program installed, it is not available for Windows 95. This can prove some difficulty to some older machines, and keep some users from actually applying the program to their work. However, as a PDF converter, it does a reasonable job.

If you are shopping for a good Autocad file converter, you may want to find a software system that integrates itself into any computer ware. You'll have more versatility and an easier time converting your CAD files.

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