Adobe 6.0 Professional

Written by Sierra Rein
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Fax machine companies have rued the day that Adobe 6.0 Professional came onto the market. After many years of dealing with fax lines, jammed paper, and incomplete fax numbers, many people are choosing to throw away their fax machines. Instead, they are using the PDF file, or "Portable Document Format," a document format fast becoming one of the most popular modes of document communication.

The true test of the PDF lies in its universality and its secure encryption. Unlike many Word documents, the information in a PDF can become read-only, and can never be copied or changed. However, it can be read on any computer which downloads the free Adobe Reader, whether it's a Macintosh or a Windows PC.

Reviews of Adobe 6.0 Professional Are Promising But Incomplete

Recent analysis of this new Adobe product have shown an increase in the ability to take AutoCAD files and transform them into PDFs. However, it is not yet able to handle AutoCAD 2004 or SolidWorks 2004 files yet. This hole in programming may cause some people to look elsewhere for a good PDF converter.

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