Adobe Distiller

Written by Sierra Rein
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When people search for a PDF converter, they may have come across the Adobe Distiller, also known as Acrobat Distiller. It is a server software which allows workgroups to create PDFs out of PostScript files over a network. It is a great program for IT professionals, as it provides high-quality PDFs that are easy to share across many computer platforms.

Adobe Distiller is a simple program, with the ability to work on Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms. It provides 128-bit encryption capabilities and a PDF optimizer. This program sure hits the high quality and high protection categories.

The Downside of Adobe Distiller

Unfortunately, even with all the program's benefits, it is still limited only to PDF formats from Adobe PostScript files. It cannot convert AutoCAD or Solidworks 2004 files, nor can it process other Windows application formats, Photoshop, or image formats. Thus, if you are seeking to purchase a PDF doc converter to process many different formats on your company's computer, you may benefit more if you purchase a program with higher versatility.

Such a program may include new pushbutton technology that integrates itself into whatever program you need to use. For example, you can then convert Autocad to PDF files from within the Autocad software itself. Thus, after a bit of searching, you may find something either comparable or even better than Adobe Distiller out there.

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