Autocad 2002 Pdf

Written by Sierra Rein
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The AutoCAD 2002 PDF was introduced into the engineering world, it caused quite a stir. Taking the advanced technology of computer modeling to a new level, it also provided a great way to process and transfer these drawings to those who did not have AutoCAD on their computer. Now, the less technically inclined clients could still become a part of the process.

When AutoCAD revamped it's software in June of 2001, it was quickly heralded as a huge advancement in collaborative design applications. Performance and productivity expansion was possible as well as new ways to manage design standards. However, while there was a way to publish the drawings to the internet (using Autodesk i-drop technology), there still was no way to transfer the information on the file into a more readily viewed source.

The Invention of AutoCAD 2002 PDF Software

Software communications companies began realizing that new applications needed to be created to handle CAD to PDF file conversion. Pushbutton PDF converting software, seeking to create higher resolution and small file size capabilities, were soon used to handle this challenge. Some of these software applications, however, were created with higher standards and moved ahead of the game.

These PDF file converter companies improved upon even the AutoCAD 2002 PDF, and wrote stronger, more capable software products that can handle any file from AutoCAD 2000 to 2004. The PDF file is fast becoming the best way to more efficiently and professionally handle and display engineering drawings and designs.

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