Batch Files

Written by Sierra Rein
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For a busy business, it is vital to be able to batch files. For high volume exportation of digital media, it is a huge waste to have an employee process each file one at a time. Instead, businesses constantly seek ways to cut time and corners, and the ability to hit one button and convert or change multiple files all at once certainly serves this purpose.

If you've never had the ability to batch files before, you are in for a treat. Usually, a user creates up a set of parameters or choices to convert a type of file, say an AutoCAD .DWG, and where to save the new file. Hit a "batch convert" button, choose a source folder where all of the .DWG files are stored, and you can create dozens of AutoCAD PDF files with one click.

Find Software With Customization in Mind

What works for your company may not be the best for another, and vice-versa. The test of any PDF doc converter is if it is customizable to each user. You can choose to batch several CAD files into several PDFs or combine several CAD files into one PDF, and choose exclusive parameters for each set to reflect your company's needs.

The parameters that are available varies from one program to another. Make sure you understand the batch options for each conversion program you are looking for, and choose one that provides the best solutions for your company.

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