Convert Doc To Tiff

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Tagged Image File Format (Tiff) is a type of digital graphics file used in a variety of applications, especially image editing, scanning, and other multimedia programs. Tiff files are specifically designed to handle high color depth, and are considered the standard format for displaying high definition graphics.

Much like DOC to PDF conversion, DOC to Tiff allows data to be distributed without being subject to accidental or intentional alteration. The information contained in a DOC file is intended to be easily accessed, manipulated, and rewritten using a word processing program. While this adds to the convenience of writing, editing, and updating documents, it also presents a problem. Most DOC files are intended to provide records, once finalized. However, the integrity of these records would come into question if the information they contained could be altered so effortlessly.

How to Convert DOC to Tiff

By converting a DOC to a Tiff file, you can still present all of the visual information. However, the text of the file itself cannot be edited, which helps secure its integrity. After conversion, the Tiff file presents a steadfast image of the document, but prevents the text from being accessed. The high quality imaging provided by Tiff allows DOC files to remain legible after conversion.

In order to turn a DOC into an image file, you'll need to either install a document conversion application, or use an online conversion service. Good conversion applications can be integrated with nearly all the programs on your PC. This utility allows you to convert between many file types, and even compile pages from several different applications into the same project. After you install the program, you will be able to "print" a file to the application, rather than the printer. This allows the program to receive the file and automatically display, then save it in the new format. Online converters work between some file types, though not as many as are handled by stand-alone software applications

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