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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Rich Text Format (RTF) is an older, though still popular, document file type. It was introduced nearly twenty tears ago, when it was intended to be used for communication across various platforms and operating systems. It remains a universal format, as it can be read by a variety of systems and computers.

RTF is often employed as an intermediary medium when files are transferred from one platform or operating system to another. Because RTF is universal, incompatible files can still be exchanged between two platforms if they are first converted to RTF format. Although RTF does not retain the appearance or layout of PDF or Word documents, it can process efficient text conversions, allowing a system to access a previously inaccessible document.

Convert RTF to PDF

If a document is in RTF, that is usually an indication that it is still open for editing. The RTF format is designed to process changes, and the documents are usually converted to other formats before finalization. If a finished document remains as RTF, it may not be read properly by some applications. MS Word, for example, depending on the version, may reformat and subsequently alter an RTF document. If you're planning on forwarding or otherwise distributing an electronic document in Rich Text Format, you should convert it to a more stable file type.

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are universally accessible, and cross-platform compatible. They can be accessed and viewed on any computer, independent of the operating system or manufacturer. Converting RTF to PDF enables a file to appear the same on all consoles, and prevents any of the contents from being altered by the recipient's browser or application settings. Because RTF documents are considerably less involved than other formats, they can be converted with little difficulty. If you want enhanced features to customize your conversions, consider purchasing a specialized conversion program.

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