Converting Files

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Converting files is of paramount importance in today's busy office. Especially when you are dealing with academic settings, there is a great deal of traffic back and forth that involves repeated conversions of file formats. If you spend a great deal of your time converting files from Microsoft Word to PDF or from html to PDF, perhaps it's time to find a solution that can make your file transference a bit easier.

Features of Good File Conversion Software

There are file conversion programs that are designed specifically to give you the power to merge any types of documents--it doesn't matter if you need to insert a graph from an Excel chart into a PDF document, such software can help you. Once you've inserted the material you need, these software programs will even let you re-order your pages so that your material is presented in the most effective manner possible. Good programs will let you copy, delete, and insert new pages at will.

Some programs may also let you make annotations in documents. Academic circles find this feature especially useful. Professors emailing documents and presentations back and forth to students can now insert their comments and highlight areas of their students' work more easily than ever before.

Some of the benefits of such programs include the ability to eliminate blank pages before printing. When you convert documents (especially emails or html documents), the last page is often blank. Good conversion programs will give you the option to delete these pages without having to see them print out first.

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