Creating Pdf

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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PDF files can be created in a number of ways. Adobe, the developers of PDF, manufacture software for drafting, compiling, assembling, and authoring PDF files from scratch. However, if you're only in occasional need of PDF files, you might not require a PDF authoring software package, Instead, there are several alternatives that might suit your needs.

Adobe Acrobat Distiller, created by the originators of PDF, is a freeware program that can help you turn your word processing documents into PDF files. Acrobat Distiller installs a virtual printer on your system, which allows you to print directly to PDF format. If you're writing a document in MS Word, after selecting "print," you will be able to choose between your printer, and Acrobat Distiller. When you print to Distiller, the program records the visual components of your document to a PDF file. While Distiller is convenient, it has no additional features beyond simple duplication.

Software For Creating PDF

There are many types of third-party file conversion software available. Other enhanced programs can not only help you create PDF files, but can also assist you in converting between a number of file formats. Applications such as these are similar to Distiller, but provide a much wider range of options. These options can be useful when compiling PDF files from multiple documents, or simply for fine-tuning the appearance of the converted file.

Portable Document Format is increasingly popular in several areas--as popularity grows, the creation technology does too. Because of the integrity and security offered by PDF files, it is the only digital format approved for the storage of legal documents. In addition, ebooks are often issued as PDF files. The format ensures that the layout of the text will remain exactly as it was intended, and is particularly useful for storing books that contain both text and graphics.

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