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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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AutoCAD is a type of image authoring software that is popular with designers and engineers. The files produced by AutoCAD are called DWG files. These small, high-quality graphic files can support great images, yet can't be viewed without the use of the specialized (and expensive) AutoCAD software. If you create a DWG image and intend to forward it somewhere or incorporate it into a presentation, you will have to convert it into a more readily accessible format, such as PDF.

There are several third-party DWG converters available as add-ons for AutoCAD. These applications bypass stand-alone DWG to PDF conversion in favor of a direct output to PDF. This can save time, and prove a more efficient means of DWG conversion. Organizations that use AutoCAD usually employ the direct output method of conversion, as it eliminates excessive files and ensures a supply of easily accessible files.

Using a DWG Converter

File conversion plug-ins for AutoCAD and similar programs are usually self-extracting files that can install themselves and instantly enable you to convert between document formats. However, while automated plug-ins can successfully translate simple DWG images to PDF files, they may not be adequate for all conversions. Depending on the subject and applications of your DWG files, you may need a utility that allows you to set more specific conversion options, such as a stand-alone PDF converter software package.

Stand-alone converters are available for use with any kind of file that can be converted to PDF. These packages are designed to convert between file types. You can also use stand-alone converters to compose new PDF documents by compiling data from different types of files into one PDF project. For example, if you're writing an instruction manual, you can select instructional DWG images that you created in AutoCAD, and combine them with text passages from MS Word, and photographs from an image editor. Stand-alone PDF converters can read each separate document from it affiliated application, and group them together in the order you choose. The final project can then be saved as a PDF file that contains elements of many popular file formats.

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