Dwg To Pdf Conversion

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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DWG is a graphics format used in the popular design program AutoCAD. While DWG files are suited for displaying the dimensional and geographical patterns generated by AutoCAD, they can only be opened using that same software. Since AutoCAD is a trade-specific program, it's a safe bet that many average people do not have it installed on their computer. So, once you've drafted an image on AutoCAD, you will need to convert it if you plan on sending it anywhere.

Although the DWG files produced by AutoCAD are high quality images, many users will lack the right software to view them correctly. This is only one of the reasons that completed DWG files are often converted to PDF. PDF files are universal, and can be opened by any one of several free and readily available programs, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. When the DWG file is converted to PDF, no details are lost, and the image retains the original layout. The only difference is that image cannot be edited or otherwise manipulated.

The Benefits of DWG to PDF Conversion

A lot of file types are easily influenced by the application being used to view them. For instance, images, text, and layout on an HTML document can be automatically resized and rearranged, based on the window size of the browser they are being viewed with. The same thing can happen with text-related documents, where images inserted into a MS Word document are realigned as the text is automatically indented. PDF files avoid these types of problems, as their appearance is maintained by the file, not via the medium through which they are viewed. If you create a PDF file featuring a right-aligned paragraph beneath an image on the third page, the third page will always feature that exact layout, despite the computer, operating system, or browser being used to view it. When you convert an AutoCAD DWG file is to PDF, you can be assured that whoever you send the image to will view it exactly as it was intended.

If you plan on using images created with AutoCAD in another application, PDF conversion will usually be your first step. Because PDF conversion prevents any further alterations from being made to a file, it provides a good intermediary stage when converting a DWG file into a more universal image format, such as BMP or JPG. Once the DWG image is converted into one of these formats, it can easily be inserted in a document, slide show, or even as a visual aid in a larger PDF.

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