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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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The convenience of virtual print driver conversion is taken a step further by PDF converters that feature an "email-to-PDF" option. This feature, which is included with many stand-alone PDF converter applications converts a document to PDF format as it is transmitted from an email client. This usually allows for simultaneous distribution and conversion, which can save time and memory.

In order to utilize an email to PDF feature, you need only open an existing document. After editing the file with the associated application, you will be able to select email-to-PDF options from a dialog box that will appear when you attempt to email the document from the File menu. As your document is transmitted, it is processed through the virtual print driver that enables Windows programs to convert documents by "printing" them directly to PDF format.

Email PDF Print Utilities

Direct to email conversion can save time that would otherwise be spent locating the new PDF file, and uploading it as an email attachment. Although that may not seem like a lot of time to save, it can amount to a significant amount of hassle if you convert or forward PDF files with any regularity.

The virtual PDF print driver that regulates print-to-PDF and email-to-PDF instant conversion is compatible with a wide array of Windows software. As a result, you can compose and email PDF files from nearly any program that is enabled to print a file. This means you can quickly create PDF files from a variety of documents, including MS Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations, Adobe Photoshop images, and many more.

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