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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Microsoft Excel is a great tool for authoring business-related documents, such as inventory records, sales reports, client lists, order forms, and any other spreadsheet-based files. While Excel can produce these documents with no difficulty, it can present a problem when used solely to review the data. If your Excel documents are emailed, uploaded, or otherwise distributed to other computers, they run the risk of being unintentionally altered by the recipient's software or computer.

Excel is a spreadsheet program that features several automated utilities designed to configure and update your documents as you add or subtract data. These features are beneficial when you're creating a spreadsheet or related document; however, they can present quite an obstacle at other times. If your Excel file will be viewed by other parties, you will probably want to be sure that the largest possible audience can access it. However, Excel files are system specific, meaning they can only be accessed by specific platforms running certain software.

Using an Excel Converter

If you create an Excel invoice for a customer who does not use a Windows operating system, he won't be able to access the data on his computer. When a recipient can open the Excel file, another problem becomes apparent. While Microsoft Excel is great for authoring spreadsheets, it can be troublesome when used to view the files. The Excel interface is designed to facilitate fast, efficient, and sometimes automated cuts and edits. If you distribute your spreadsheets in Excel format, they can be easily altered in content and appearance.

If you want to ensure that your data will be accessible to all recipients, you can convert it to Portable Document Format (PDF), an efficient, secure medium for compiling, archiving, and distributing electronic documents. PDF files were designed to be accessible by any system, independent of the computer model, operating system, or software. PDF documents contain embedded data from all of their components, making them completely self sufficient in terms of layout, text, images, alignment, and fonts. Since PDF documents don't need to draw any of their components from the computer, they can maintain the same exact same appearance on any platform. PDF is a system and resolution independent media that can guarantee a document will always be viewed as it was intended. The best and easiest way to ensure you are able to convert to PDF from all your business applications is to purchase a software program that allows you to do so.

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