File Conversion Software

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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File conversion software, specifically programs designed to create PDF files from other formats, can be extremely beneficial in the office and the home. PDF has long been considered the perfect medium for the "paperless office," as it provides an efficient and easily navigable method for archiving and securing records. PDF has many applications in the business world, from publishing to legal files to record keeping, billing, and inventory applications.

In addition to being the preferred file format for ebooks, PDF is becoming popular in the field of print publishing as well. Because PDF files are self-contained, they are the favored means for compiling pre-press assemblies of new books. When a document is converted to PDF using conversion software, all elements of that document are combined into a single entity.

PDF is a singular, self-sufficient media. The images, layout, spacing, and fonts are all permanently fused together. The resulting PDF file enables the publisher to compose a pre-press draft of a new book without worrying about having to incorporate fonts and layout separately.

Using File Conversion Software

In the home, Word, Excel, and other Office files can be changed to PDF using conversion software. Other important documents, such as hard copies of significant records, can be scanned and converted to PDF from an image format. Most scanner software creates JPG or BMP image files for each document scanned. If the overall document is not too large, you can convert the separate scanned images into a single PDF file using a print-to-PDF plug-in. After opening the scanned images in an image editing program, you can use a virtual print driver to convert the images into a PDF volume.

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