Pcl To Pdf Conversion

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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PCL files are the format used by the HP Printer Control Language. They can contain text, images, layouts, and vector graphics. However, like DWG and many other file formats, they can only be accessed via specific programs. However, just as Adobe Acrobat Distiller provides a utility to export files to PDF format, there are several programs available that can make PCL files just as accessible.

The PCL format can be beneficial when a file is still being processed through a network or system. Virtual document management systems, Internet fax systems, and printer emulation are all more efficiently run by a PCL file. However, once the file is printed from the system, or otherwise digitally archived, it usually needs to be in a format that can be quickly and easily understood by a variety of users, despite their platforms or operating systems.

Utilities for PCL to PDF Conversion

There are several applications available that can process PCL to PDF conversion. Some companies offer an open-source code that can be integrated into the network and configured to convert all PCL files to PDF prior to printing, archiving, or transferring the file.

Stand-alone applications are also popular solutions for large and small businesses alike. Stand-alone PCL to PDF conversion programs do exactly as their name implies, and conduct document conversions independent of any other application. However, stand-alone programs are often equipped to process a variety of conversions, as well as reverse the process by transforming PDF documents into other file types. These types of programs are offered for sale and download on the Internet, and also offer the ability to convert many other types of files to PDF, such as JPG, DWG, and Excel files.

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