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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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While the conversion of various file types to PDF may be key in creating an efficient, secure system of records, another type of PDF conversion that often goes overlooked can be just as significant. When PDF was first introduced, it was often cited as an omen of the "paperless office," meaning a workplace where all records and data are digitized and secure. While a completely paperless office may not be a reality, PDF files can serve an important role by providing a digital backup of hard data.

By scanning all of your important documents and records onto a hard drive, you can begin to build a digital archive, backing up all of your significant information. The integrity of PDF files is so high that they are the only legally admissible means of digitized documents in a court of law. However, if you're still concerned about the safety of your personal records, PDF files can be easily secured with anything from simple password protection to sophisticated digital encryption.

Using PDF Conversion Software

Between scanning your documents and storing them digitally, you will need to convert the results of the scans into PDF files. If your computer scans the files as visual images, there might be a few additional steps to take in order to configure the files and make the text searchable. However, if the files consist of simple black and white text, and are scanned and read as documents, you are already a few steps away from creating a PDF file. Individual text pages, collected by the scanner, can be compiled into a single text or word document. The document can the be converted to PDF through the "print to PDF" feature of Adobe Acrobat Distiller.

However, you might need additional software in order to convert a series of scanned image files into a PDF file. While you could try to create a PDF by inserting each scanned page as an image into a blank Word document, the effort would most likely be tedious and yield mixed results, Some stand-alone programs offer a more effective solution. With these programs, you can print to file from several application, which allows you to compile a PDF document from multiple, incompatible sources, in real time. Printing the scanned images to file could then automatically create a new PDF file.

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