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Written by Sierra Rein
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In recent years, the toolkit of the professional architect or engineer has expanded to include one simple software application - a PDF converter. The digital and virtual world has become a creative and communicative part of the technical side of the creative process, and it is up to the architects and engineers to put themselves on this forefront. As clients and designers become more sophisticated, they are meeting the challenge to convert AutoCAD plans to a readable, clear, and versatile PDF for all involved in the project to read and comprehend.

The AutoCAD to PDF conversion process has been tackled by many software companies, to varying degrees of success. In the past, old programs simply transferred the approximate lines and created a PDF that was mostly readable, but muddy and possibly misleading. As an architect or engineer, you would never want to send this type of material to your client, would you?

As Technology Improves, So Does the AutoCAD to PDF Software

The good news is that new software companies have improved the conversion process to include software that creates pristine versions of AutoCAD imaging. The improvements do not stop there! These new types of programs can, with pushbutton plug-in applications, integrate hyperlinks, transfer block attributes for easy search-ability, and even attach files to the PDF itself (budget reports, lists of supplies, and dates of expected completion).

This is a win-win situation for everyone involved in a large building project. An architect's vision, constantly changing and improving, must be able to quickly use a PDF converter to update client files on current plans. These new PDFs can be emailed, printed and faxed to everyone involved. From management to engineering, and right down to the manufacturers, an architect or builder will know their new concepts, drawings, and measurements will be in the right hands at the right time.

A PDF Converter for Large and Small Engineering Companies

Communication is the key for any company, large and small. However, not every client has AutoCAD or SolidWorks on his or her company computer. The PDF form is an ideal standardized format which can allow everyone to view important documentation.

This ability can allow a small company to grow in clientele, and for a large company to continue its business and further its professional reputation. It can be used by freelance architects and engineers, or by large technology companies seeking to make life easier and brighter for their employees. No matter what size company you are a part of, with the right PDF converter software, you will surpass your client's expectations and gain respect within the community.

What We Look for in the Future of AutoCAD Publishing

While digital boundaries are becoming more and more stretched, it should not be forgotten that the original art and technological expertise of our architects and engineers should never be compromised by a software program. New computer applications should be specific to the design process, and help the creative drive. It should be user-friendly, and flexible enough to handle all the demands that a professional architect could place on it.

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