Pdf Creation Software

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Several applications can build PDF files instantly, allowing you to append additional content in real time. Automatic PDF writer applications can be installed on your computer in order to receive, review, process, and output data in PDF form. The data can be taken from a variety of file formats, as the the conversion is done through emulation and reproduction.

There are several programs available that can help facilitate the creation of PDF files from scanned images. These programs store data pulled from the scanner as TIFF image files. The high definition and color depth of TIFF files provide great detail, which in turn allows the software to read the scanned text as text, and not an image. This means that the finished PDF file can be made fully searchable.

Features of PDF Creation Software

Many document-related programs now feature an "export-to-PDF" function that allows you to save a copy of a file written in another format as a PDF document. Nearly all applications offered by Adobe Systems, the creators of Portable Document Format, allow you to save your file as a PDF with one click of your mouse. While the same capability is increasingly found in non-Adobe programs, there are still many popular applications that don't yet support instant PDF conversion. If you want to create a PDF file from such an application, you will need the help of a third party utility.

You can find third-party plug-ins online that can help you upgrade your existing programs by enabling them to create PDF content. Some of the most popular plug-ins create a virtual printer on your hard drive. When you choose to print a document from an application such as MS Word or Excel, the print dialog will contain the additional choice of printing the file with the virtual printer. The virtual printer does not actually produce a hard copy of the file. Instead, it posts a visual replica of the document on your hard drive as a PDF file. In order to conduct more advanced PDF conversion, you can install one of several available stand-alone PDF converter programs, which can provide you with additional PDF authoring options.

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